Tuesday 7 June 2011


在Tesco看到这个牌子写着Kembung Termenung,我问工作人员这种鱼真的叫Kembung Termenung吗?还是哪一个工作人员恶作剧画蛇添足。


回家谷歌一下,原来马来西亚北部的人把普通Ikan Kembung称为Ikan Termenung,直接翻译成华文就是沉思的鱼或鱼在沉思。谷歌把它翻译成“梦幻般的鱼”,倒是为这普通不过的鱼添加了浪漫色彩。


素卿 said...

one of my favourite fish, 可惜在纽西兰没有这种鱼。

Anonymous said...

It was once upon a time considered as cheap fish and mainly consumed by non-chinese, but today the price per kilo of this kind Ikan Kembong has sometime quoted as high as RM8.00
Consumers has no choice on price listing but may buy less as their budget for marketing could not cope up with the higher cost of commodities.
Inflation is a headache problems for many house wife.

A Parent