Sunday 11 December 2011



这两年来,每个假日早上不是去公园健走,就是去行山,要不然就在住宅区内跑步。体重不再增加,脚跟不再痛,但鞋子也磨薄了两双, 日子有功。


Anonymous said...

Health care is a long process, it is most useful and effective to begin with suitable exercises from young age. However many a time people tends to take excuses for not be able to constantly doing exercises.
Running or mountaining are consider as high risks for older class unless they have continuations or feel to be fit in this activities. They may suffer knee or ankle problems especially in mountain climbings.
Regular tai-chee or 'chee-kung' could be an alternative choice for those interested.

A Parent

Bombomba said...

啊。。。你提醒了我好久没去跑步了,我的布鞋也铺了尘 ;p

Chong Kok Siong 庄国雄 said...